Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce was born in Jakarta,October 6th, 1992(16 years old) is the film artist Indonesia. Half-bred English girl and the pair of Banjarmasin Bramwell Pearce and Ernie Auliasari known through this film Denias. The film is the first Pevita in acting in the first wide-screen movies without the slightest experience of play sinetron.

At the end of the year 2007, Pevita play again in the film Lost in Love which appear in May 2008. In this film, Pevita get the main role as Tita and play with Kevin Richard who will act as Adit. Tita Pevita get the role through a series of long selection process starting from around 1100 to over eight applicants and people from the film Lost in Love, Pevita be nominated as the Women's Open Main FFI 2008.

Foto Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce are much sought relate some time ago photos circulating hot Pevita similar Pearce. Here are a collection of photos Pevita Pearce that I take from the site of social fecebook, but this picture is not as vulgar photo hot Pevita Pearce circulating some time ago that.

Christian Sugiono kiss Pevita Eileen Pearce in Film "Rasa"
Just as the legitimate wife, Titi Kamal already allows the husband Christian Sugiono to kiss another girl. She is also the film as a young player. Who?

She is the stars' Lost in Love ', Pevita Eileen Pearce. But the smell is part of acting Tian, greeting familiar Christian Sugiono, the newest film, 'Rasa'.

In new film, Tian claim to be the role that different. Tian usually become a man who loved many women. However, a role he now become a curator.

Not only satisfied the akting, movie stars' Singles' is also satisfied with the other characters, such as Pevita with Eileen Pearce. "Pevita with just as many regular exercise, the workshop also to find a character," said Tian.

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