Lapse of two days of Mbah Surip death, poet WS Rendra finally joined the age also. W.S.Rendra died at the age of 74 years, on Thursday (06/07) at around 22:05 WIB Hospital Partners in Family Depok.

Many times must be treated in the hospital due to heart attack affected, WS Rendra also ultimately defeated by the disease. Jasad Rendra to this story still be buried in the decrease in daughter home, Clara Shinta, who is in the Housing Complex Pesona Kayangan, Depok, West Java.

Before death, Rendra was treated at her home in Pesona Kayangan Depok, and as conditions worsen, he also was RS Mitra Depok. Right at 22:05 WIB her last breath exhale. Rendra is now forced to leave 1 wife and 6 child.

According to the plan, it remains WS Rendra will buried after Friday pray in the same place where the Mbah Surip was buried, the Workshop Theater, Citayam, Depok.

According to family representatives Rendra, Iwan Burnami, after dawn prayers corpse of a man dijuluki "Si Burung Merak" was in the house is took a bath by her daughter, Clara Sinta, in Pesona Estate Depok Dua, Blok AV, No 5, Depok, West Java and in shalatkan in place the same. The plan, after Friday prayers in Rendra will buried.

"Deceased will then be taken to the cemetery Cipayung Theater Workshop, Citayam, Depok. Akan previously brought to the mosque in the near future there, "said Iwan, when found in the Housing Pesona Depok Dua, Blok AV, No 5, Depok, West Java.

The atmosphere in the house of mourning Rendra daughter, Clara Shinta far more crowded in the visit friends Rendra such as Iwan Fals, former Mensesneg Moerdiono, President and Director of Trans TV Ishadi SK.

Poet named Willibrordus full Surendra Broto Rendra was born in Solo, 7 November 1935. The staggering death Rendra Indonesian art world, post-death leader Surip few days ago.

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