A video that shows the middle Marshanda burst into tears appear on the Internet. Marshanda a free shirt to bed that sing the song 'Hurts' property of Christina Aguilera.

In the video, the beginning of its Marshanda appears to follow the dilantunkan songs by Christina Aguilera that, not long ago and then started crying and sob.

Even so, Sadly, VJ Ben inamorato this several times until the brush away his tears.

The period of primary school Marshanda have passed since a few years ago. However, it seems, he will not be able to release the memories of past. Unfortunately, memories are not as people imagine. Marshanda a treatment that is not fun of her friends.

This was disclosed by the girl who is familiar called chacha on the website YouTube. From some of the video, there was a video entitled Who Do You Think You Are, posted by an account called marshandaofficial. There chacha sing a song titled the property of Spice Girls Who Do You Think You Are a dance.

And almost at the end of the video be 3.14 minutes, the Marshanda also mentioned the names of several her primary school's friends . Irritated with the tone he said, "The song-this song is perfect for my primary school's friends who hate me. I do not have a friend, I struggle like a madman in my own school."

Whether what is actually experienced by chacha in the school that should fun. Course of the video, it seems resentful and have some revenge with a school friend.

Until this far, still not clearly known owner the video. However, some video look really convincing if the owner is really Marshanda. Unfortunately, Marshanda and her manager do not respect when asked confirmation about this.

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