Relationships Pasha and former wife, Okie akan seems increasingly worsened. Previous Okie point Pasha to violence. Instead, Pasha is the mother of the child three point spread the slander.

No longer see the feeling of love that comes between them. Now Pasha-Okie look like each other a hostile enemy.

According to Pasha, Okie who does not respect himself. The singer of song that title "hampa" feel it is doing the best for Okie also third child.

"I try to do our best and give the best to Okie and children even if we divorced. But according to Okie is not enough and there is no meaning. I apologize because that is the maximum that I have to do already," said Pasha found 2E, Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Banten, on Thursday (30/7/2009).

Pasha pasrah now with all the Okie. Pasha assured himself properly. He is back challenging the former wife.

Pasha say the statements Agustina Okie, a former wife, who claim to have been persecuted by the vocalist of the band Ungu. Pasha justify the mouth has been a quarrel, but he never beat Okie.

"There are no beatings, no mistreatment. But if we push each other when a noise, so true. Sharing pull interesting, so true. Sharing rough talk, so true," said Pasha found time from when the new Terminal 2F at Soekarno-Hatta Airport , Cengkareng, Tangerang, Banten, on Thursday (30/7/2009).

Pasha who feel guilty that not even attack back Okie. He confessed the shoulder of what is to be Okie media.
"All the slander and too excessive," Pasha firm fierce.
Then who is correct? We wait only cases that I had this scene in the court process.

Turbulence of the Okie, the Pasha was huff. He does not ask Okie carelessly throw statement in the media.

"I consider all the slander and too excessive. Okie too premature, very-very premature," his him.

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