Sexy artist Julia Perez including one who had experienced incidents kemben melorot. When he occupied center stage in the swing in a session.That make bedevil,At other story Julia Perez was not comfortable and feel less confident with the size of her breast considered large enough. This condition was feel when he began to go adolescents. "when high school class I was trying to hide my breast. That spelled Macho," said Julia Perez at Planet Hollywood

Julia Perez was born with the name Yuli Rachmawati in Jakarta, July 15, 1980. Stars are familiar Jupe called this the career training through work as a secretary in a private company and the opportunity to continue education in the Netherlands. Meeting with male model Damien Perez (Yusuf Perez), which later became her husband, early opportunity to open itself to appear as a model of FHM and Maxim magazine in France.

It peak in 2002-2003 which stars appear and start the sexy known in the land of water through sinetron "Cinta Lokasi, Komedi Nakal, Penjaga Pantai and Lepas Malam" that gets nomination as sexiest 100 women version of FHM and Maxim magazine.

Besides in the world sinetron, Jupe start pulling away the vote. In April 2008, she launched the first album, 'Kamasutra' with the single hit "Belah Duren". This album is prime fishing public controversy, because Jupe provide condoms free of charge for buyers album. Even this first album invited protests and ban her appearance in some areas.

At this time the artist has just completed a section of movie "Hantu Jamu Gendong" Indika Entertainment Production. As for the image sexy is attached to her, its role in the film demands Jupe action sexy.

Mid-February 2009, Jupe artist become the most searched on many sites because of outstanding personal sexy photos on the internet. In the photographs circulating on the internet, Jupe looks sexy in the pose alone and so with her friends.

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