It seems, Manohara Odelia Pinot can not run freely in his career as artist in Indonesia. Art is, he must face the demands of the husband, Muhammad Tengku Fakhry libel case over well.

Thorough, Manohara prosecuted in civil worth of 105 million Ringgit that reached Rp 297.6 billion if in rupiah.

Through its legal power, Mohd Haaziq, Fakhry demand Manohara and his mother, because it was libelous good.

Fakhry formally file a claim in the Court of Kuala Lumpur, on Monday (20 / 7) morning.

According to media in Malaysia, Fakhry really serious run in the wife. For, Fakhry also have to send reports via the official Embassy of Indonesia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the Embassy in Jakarta.

This step, be Fakhry as Manohara and Daisy are in Indonesia, while the Fakhry in Malaysia.

Meanwhile in the land of water, known as Manohara also have to report Tengku Fakhry to the Mabes Polri

Based on the information lawyers Fakhry, Mohd Haaziq Pillay, Manohara and his mother are given 21 days time to give answers to suit the proposed Fakhry. Claim is registered in the High Court of Kelantan, Malaysia.

"The accused has 21 days to relieve himself of the related claim that has been delivered," said Mohd Haaziq,Monday (20/7/2009) the night.

According to Mohd Haaziq, clients can have evidence that shows all words that contain the name of good that has been spoken during the April to June. Mohd haaziq, said his team will use all efforts to bring the two accused, both with the help of Embassy of Indonesia and Malaysia.

"I think this a good opportunity for them to come meet the call so that the trial can provide information on the statements that have been made. If all goes well then the High Court will explain to the forum and provide a way out for both of these cases," said Mohd Haaziq.

While the Fakhry said accusations without foundation and the rough nature of the cause he addressed for the depth of grief and make him ashamed. Fakhry considers himself sink to public scandals, and thus there is hatred on himself.

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