FOTO CIUMAN LUNA MAYA ARIELFoto Luna Maya and Ariel 'Peterpan' already recognize when they have officially become a pair of lovers. However, both are still a closed subject their togetherness. Recently, circulating both intimate images knowledgeable. Ariel nervous responses during dimintai image.

In the photo, the vocalist 'Peterpan' is cheek kiss Luna Maya. They both look very happy. Luna smiling face visible when the child is a widower kiss colored.

When the image problem confirmed, Ariel whim so wrong. She looks nervous when interviewed.

Perhaps, the image is taken at five years ago. Beredarnya image raises the question. Possible that the image was taken at the time Ariel has officially become the husband of Sarah Amalia? Unfortunately, Ariel did not want to comment much.

"The photo was taken long." say the name of the owner Nazriel Ilham this.

Ariel Luna and go public are a matter of cordial relations between them. However, both are still timid mengumbar intimacy in public. Luna itself appear more often. So also with Ariel is seen more often with friends Peterpan.

Raffi a fraudulent ask them to repeat the scene again. Luna Maya and Ariel peterpan not refuse. They again kissed the left cheek and right in front of the spectators who cheer sorai directly witnessed the peculiar sight. Music award in the event that the event had turned into gossip and when Olga Raffi asks regard marriage issue and Ariel Luna series.

"How are confirmed, it does not properly married?" Raffi said.

Questions Frequently Asked hunters have news that is not answered to by Luna and Ariel. They only smile-embarrassed smile. Either whether the pair have been married digosipkan series in Bali that deliberately show fondness or not. That, spectacle smell left cheek and right as if it strengthen the presumption that there is' something 'in between them

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