Luna Maya and Ariel 'Peterpan' intimate look at is found in the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, Jakarta, Senin (13/7/2009) the night. Both come together to attend the event 'Music Class Heroes'.

In the event, including band Peterpan to get a gold award pin. In addition there are also Peterpan, Sheila On 7, Cokelat, Slank and naive.

If the first and Ariel Luna braided hide their love, both now not timid anymore. Appear together in public, not Ariel Luna-free showroom intimacy.

Luna looks lean on the shoulders of the beloved. However, these actions do not persist because the camera infotainment direct attack.

Gossip about celebrity couples Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan never have reflux. After both of them recognize the date, now Luna got home prizes worth Rp 3 billion from Ariel. House is located in the area of Bandung, West Java.

However, the newspaper previously said that new home gift from Ariel is located in the area Jerukpurut, Cilandak Barat, South Jakarta. Some residents said that Luna's house is bougt by Ariel Peterpan.

The management of local RT, Siti, states rarely see beautiful women bloody Bali is located in the house. "Perhaps he is only just investment," he said.

If the house is bought by Ariel, then confirm this relationship will lead both to a more serious level. Previously, Luna lived in Marbella Apartment, Bangka area street, Kemang, South Jakarta.

Some time ago Luna had caught by journalists that she is buying the home equipment with Ariel in the Panglima Polim, South Jakarta. They say that the equipment was purchased because Luna is renovating the house.

However, in a chance to relax Luna Maya gave cheek to kiss Ariel. even, Both get gossip about married in Bali in early April.

So, what is Luna and Ariel are married? Ariel said not exactly. He only says, he will wait to speak at the appropriate time. Luna reluctant to provide their own comments. In fact they regard marriage already circulating among journalists.

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