President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) said, according to intelligence reports, himself also so shoot the target groups would disrupt the security of India. Evidence so that it targets the murder, SBY image shows a photo shoot with the training target images themselves. "There was not a target SBY," said the President in the press this afternoon at the Palace.

According to the President, there are few people who do not like the condition of a safe run.In the report, SBY said that there is a group of terrorist exercise with the shoot as the target image. Photos SBY is shown in a press conference held at 14.00 WIB in the Presidential Palace, Jakarta.

SBY had stopped a moment and ask to speak to adjuvant evidence to draw a picture of the shooting gallery is a terrorist.

Nevertheless, SBY does not mention the name of whom are leaders. SBY only request to all the good police officer and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) increase terrorism security measures that do not recur again.

The President requested range of government together with local police search for the brain action of this violence. He was offensive to those that have been involved in the removal men, who escaped from the snare of law, it is not the kind of act. "Legal officer will not let them hang around," said the President.

He also urges people vigilant against terrorism action. There is no possibility that innocent people will be the next target of action violence

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