Foto jenazah jasad Michael Jackson, finally is found.News about the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson so resonant mass media world, and of the media also does not lag with the coverage of Michael Jackson's death.

Among the many news about the death of the King of Pop, but none of her face visible how Jacko both in the form of images and video, after he died.

Because the feeling curious to know how to shape clay Michael Jackson, then try to find Michael Jackson's corpse images through the internet search sites, and finally found an image that is used as the image remains astray after Michael Jackson died.

If you are a participating curious how Michael Jackson look like when you die. Here is an image that remains is called a-Michael Jackson died shortly after, several days ago.

foto jenazah|jasad MICHAEL JACKSON
at approximately 10:10 local time, the ceremony started with Smokey Robinson read the comments from a number of friends to Jackson the King of pop it. Robinson also delivered the apology Diana Ross, who can not attend.

Then, at 10:30, Jackson coffin was brought up in such a pushcart to the front of the stage. Andrae Crouch Choir follows with himne We are Going to See the King.

After the procession, the Pastor Lucius Smith delivered the parting words of prayer and to Jackson. He said, Jackson was an idol, heroes, even the king. Continued, "Michael also
sister, child, father, and friend us. Michael also is part of the Jackson Family, part of a human being. "

Reverence for the ceremony last Jackson, who died in Los Angeles on 25 June 2009 local time because of heart failure, was attended by the Jackson Family. The ceremony is like a musical bertabur stars.

Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz ago carries I'll be there, hit one of Jackson, with their beautiful sound. They connect with the song sing a song a piece CAPELLA We'll Never Say Goodbye.

After, Queen Latifah deliver words speech. With all that is given by Jackson, Latifah said, the whole world, from Tokyo to Birmingham, lose Jackson. "We are the World," she said cite another hit title from Jackson.

John Mayer also get a turn. With his guitar elektric, be under guard band surrounding the performers and the background, he presents the Human Nature. Postwar Mayer, Jermaine Jackson is still with the smile, with Usher

Before the appearance Jermaine, Brooke Shields, with wet eyes, said the memories with Jackson. Shields, who is now aged 44 years, first with Jackson at the age of 13 years. "We needed to become adults. But, when the two, we are children, "said Shields.And for many people is a Jackson King of Pop, while for Jackson is the Little Prince.

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